Rhino Sunrise

“Each morning I open my eyes and think smile you have another day to bring goodness into your cancer treatment journey. ” – Ben “The Rhino” Dichoso

Ben was a marathon runner, community volunteer, and civil engineer.  In August 2019, he was running on the beach to prepare for a race when his appendix burst. He was rushed to the emergency room.  A month later, he found out that he had appendix cancer. Over the next two years, Ben charged through 12 chemotherapy sessions, 2 surgeries, multiple CT scans and too many blood tests that he lost count.  Today, he continues his cancer treatment journey with a focus of helping others. He reminds everyone “Tomorrow is only a promise. It’s not guaranteed.”  

The “Rhino Sunrise” name was  born from  Ben’s cancer battles. After the first battle, his children gave  Ben the spirit animal of “The Rhino” because he charged through chemotherapy . During the second battle, Ben learned to appreciate every sunrise  because it could be his last.  

The Rhino enjoys rides to the Potomac Pier to watch the Sunrise.