High Tide Coffee & Bowls

Breakfast or Afternoon Snack – A Cool Café on Fenwick Island

My daughters and I found this cool café on Fenwick Island called “High Tide Coffee & Bowls“. It has the best coffee and super food bowls on the island. We have visited the High Tide cafe twice and loved it.  Please drop by this café when you are at the Delaware Beaches.  You will not be disappointed. 

About Us – High Tide Coffee & Bowls

The ocean was always calling, I finally answered.

We used to sit for hours, my mom, dad, sister and I. We would dream of what the future would look like. It continued as my children grew wildly at the beach each summer, day in and day out we filled our souls with sand, sun and ocean.

We would scatter our thoughts into the universe. Like little seeds they slowly clumped together and here we are. A small family business that brings family and friends together. A place that nourishes the soul as much as the body, that fills you up on the inside as much as it fills your heart. We feel the warmth of our heritage shining down on us and all those who have become a part of our little family. We aim to be a locally focused cafe that brings people together and is environmentally conscious.

When I saw this little shop abandoned during 2020 craziness, I decided to start this business so my family could have a place to work together, to provide jobs for for people and to create a space for community and nourishing good food. I started this little shop to bring people back together because thats what I believe in, the people, the families of all shapes and sizes, the friends and helping each othe

xoxo Nichol

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